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About Your Dental Insurance

We have very knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions you may have regarding your dental insurance, however, we encourage our patients to educate themselves with their dental insurance plans. It is important that our patients have a good understanding of their policy's benefits and limitations.

Vanguard Dental Group accepts most PPO insurance plans.

We are happy to submit claims for your dental procedures to your insurance carrier, however, we are not responsible for your coverage or your plan's limitations. Copays, deductibles, and any procedures that are unpaid by your insurance policy are ultimately your financial responsibility. Decisions regarding whether certain procedures are performed should be made after you have a clear and thorough understanding of your benefits and financial responsibility for such procedures.

Some patients may ask "Why do I owe money? I have dental insurance!" The answer to this is simple. Most dental insurance plans do offer some benefits that may be covered at 100%, such as cleanings. Certain procedures, however, are only paid at a certain percentage or may have frequency limitations, and will require a copayment on the part of the patient. You may call your insurance carrier or reference your dental benefit book in order to learn about your particular insurance policy, its coverages and limitations or restrictions.

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